Saturday, September 27, 2008

Up Next:"Tasty Rock'n'Roll"--Gizzo: The Tony Gizzo Interview

I recently discovered WVOX on my radio station...and I couldn't believe what I've been missing. They play all the latest heavy metal music and some of the ole. The best part of this station is they got Gizzo on there as a host! Gizzo, is his last name and his stage name and seems to also be a good way to describe his happy-go-lucky personality, he's is just so gizzo. Ladies and Gentleman, introducing G-I-Z-Z-O
What is your occupation?
Radio talk show host (Metal Mayhem) and singer for the band Gizzo.

What is Mayhem? 

It's half talk show, half music.

How do you decide on the music that gets played? 

I go around the village, find music I like and bring them on!

And for the talk show component?

We discuss music,'s a three hour show, ninety minutes the guest talks, the other time is ads and music, we play some of their music.

Have you ever helped promote the newcomers?

Yes, for many of the guests on our show, it's their first exposure.

What about the ads?

It just sort of happens! (laughing in an upbeat way) The other night I was out smooshing and I got an account with the Haunt in Yonkers.

What's that?

It's on Yonkers Avenue, my band played there too, we got an ad account with them, we negotiated and they'll be promoted on the show...

Wonderful, describe the types of musicians you'll usually hear on your show.

Some of them are polished (really good), like Jack Russel..


Of Great White or Rob Helford, lead singer of Judas Priest...

That's so tragic what happened to Great White!

It was, they had to pay millions, their guitarist died it was a shame...

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite is the Radio talk and the djing...well, it's a hard toss up, I do LOVE the singing (CHECK OUT PHOTOS OF HIM SINGING AT THE BITTER END RIGHT AFTER THIS INTERVIEW).

What did you do before this?

I used to be a member of a motorcycle gang.

Yeah, you get a lot of power, it started getting to my head. I started pushing people around...I always got the go ahead from the top.

What made you leave them?

There's mandatory jail time, it's like becoming a priest at a church, you have to put the club first before everything. And you have to be paranoid...I had a wife, kid, house, etc. After awhile I just couldn't follow rule number one (put club first).

What's your station?

WVOK. We get calls from Minnesota, Florida, Rhode Island, here (NYC)'s just incredible, the followings been really good.

When did you begin there?

They brought my band in to interview, they crashed the service they got so many hits. Within the last six months they brought me on. I was 'at the right place at the right time.'

When did you start singing?

I've been singing since 1990, had to take some time off of the bike thing because of the kids, etc.

Favorite musician?

Favorite musician? Buddy Guy, top of the list! I wish I could play like him! (laughing--he is one of the happiest guys I've ever met!) He has a stage presence, I watch him and learn from him and try to mimic the way he becomes part of the audience. I went with my wife once to Chicago just to meet him. The stars were lined up for me that night. I approached him at a table and just shook his hand! I told my wife we could go back to New York after that, just to shake his hand was all I needed to do. (sounding awestruck speaking of his idol). It was an unbelievable night!

You play an instrument?

(shaking head) No, but I can sing like a son-of a bitch, I also love Junior Wells.

Do you consider New York the Prime location for musicians?

Yes, I was in Germany recently, I sang at a fifteen hour wedding...those Germans know how to party, the liquor was flowing but after we played I began to miss it here!

Best part about New York?

You! (laughing) I like the energy. Once you cross that Westchester border, it just happens and if nothing is happening, you can make it happen with a phone call...I like the ability to be able to mold the atmosphere or you can just be transparent. That's what I like about New York...for those who go seeking (whatever it is they're looking for) you can find it here.

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